I’m starting to se the whole collection in my head now, I’ve got the hangtags and the neck labels printed, the necklace collection drawn and ready to go to the cutter. The clothes are going to be so amazing, classical figure with inspiration from the last century, most late 40’s and early 80’s, plane, tailored and elegant.

Last night I mistreated a piece of cloth from my base fabric (the grey blue mercerized cotton) washing it in 60° C with generic machine-wash soap. It lost a note in colour and it looked really changed in texture aswell, but after ironing it, it got its shining surface and nice fall back.  I went back to where I baught it from to buy some more, but they sold it all out already, got some nice zippers instead though.

My sisters coming tomorrow, so I’m trying to get so much as I can done before the day is over. We’re going to have so much fun.

Now I have to prepare for tomorrows pattern cutting exam. Wish me luck!



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