First week back…

… and it feels as if weeks has passed since I last visited  my family. My room and the not unpacked suitcase is my only proof that it’s been no more than four days.

Had a really grownup day today, early rise, extra hours at work, cleaning the bathroom, doing laundry.

Two friends of mine started really good and inspiring photo bloggs, recommend checking them out.

I got to know them both in school, and I must say, these girls are talented.

Had a bad run with coreldraw yesterday, I’m so sick of it, it never works properly.

Called Sri Lanka today, or at least I tried, didn’t really think about the 5 and half hours time difference and that when I called it was a quarter to midnight over there.

They are showing IKEAS tjugondag knut publicity, why is it that with all the Swedes that lives in Spain, How come they chose someone who doesn’t know  how to pronounce Knut, to explain the Swedish traditions?

My washing machine is calling .

Good night



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