Tomorrow Malmö!

first I have one more class that starts in an hour and ends at nine, I’have to do some laundry, pack and clean up my appartement, shop for food and sleep. Handed, as the good over achiver I am, in al the asignments that are due the first week after easter vacation(no need to mention that last night was indeed an allnighter).

It’s increadible that two weeks from now i will have started on my final collection, I will have survived my first encounter with my asigned tutor. I can’t wait!

BTW, I’ve got two new necklace collections on the rise, they will be found at Tjallamalla Malmö  on wednsday.

I leave you this vimeo bacuse of two things, the first beeing that it is really soothing and second that I finally, thanks to a dear friend, figuerd out how to post vimeo on wordpress

have a nice weekend!



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