Beginning of the end!

What a week, and what a vacation. I went from total stress to total relax to go back to total stress in just three weeks, I’m beat! But it’s all worth it. Easter vacation was good to me, got treated like a princess, hung out with my friends, spent a few days with my family, Have no complaints at all, even got to see the sun, and lots of it (which ironically is a great of a deal more then I get to see it here in Barcelona).

Well now I’m back in the big city and I’ve started to work on my final collection, the beginning of the end so to speak. My updates here will be scarce due to the fact that I will try not to spend much more time at the computer then the absolutely necessary.

Latest issue of my “I have a lot of spare time to kill, or oups that’s right I didn’t” side project 42 magazine is out on net, with some changes to the web page as well. Got really interesting contributions + I did a shoot presenting my summer necklace collection (which of course can be found at Tjallamalla store in Malmö)

Until soon?!



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