1 month and 19 days until show down

Two months has passed since I last wrote here. I’ve been sort of busy, with the collection and all, but I’ve decided to give the blog another chance.

Since I last wrote, I’ve mostly been pattern constructing, sewing and printing for what is my final collection as a student at Felicidad Duce, here in Barcelona. It’s a lot fun, but a lot of hard work, late nights and early mornings.

I’ve taken on cooking as a distraction (my salsa de tomate is divine), so at least I never go hungry, and I’ve baking chocolate chip cookies an mass , which I cant eat myself because of the high content of lactose, so I won’t get fat,

The necklaces are selling fine and the newspaper City Malmö/ Lund interviewed me cause of them this summer with the intention to print it sometime this autumn, so keep you eyes open.

I’ve sold a Christmas ornament thru my aunts website, and I’m doing radio! A friend of mine and I have a ten minute long show on La nit en Blanc where we give advice on what not to do fashion ways.

Yeah, and now you can buy my dog necklaces online at Tjallamallas website.


I’ll be back soon




1 month and 19 days until show down


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