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A rant on being a female pushing thirty, and internets not so subtle attempts  to get me pregnant!

I turned 29 this February. Not really a big deal accept that’s it a noticable reminder of what’s to come, the big THREE OH!!! Which according to every modern day Hollywood and tabloid cliche ever is a really really good reason to freak out (for women that is) “single and 30? How to find your Prince Charming in ten steps” “pushing 30 and no kids? Here’s the top ten yoga poses to increase possibilities of conception” ” always the bridesmaid, never the bride and 30? 

I’m a pretty privet person on social media, so when all the add logarithms ( I really have no clue how it works) starts processing my likes, connections, interests etc to profile me it just ends up with generic commercials for a fertile healthy white women. I don’t know if I have been able to see a YouTube clip the last year without having to watch at least one skinny, beautiful women standing in a perfect lit, homely and clean living room or kitchen ( oddly never in the bathroom) smiling happily at a pregnancy test whilst her hunky big armed shirt wearing (cause he’s got a good job) husband embraces her from behind. To be fair, she’s not always with her husband, sometimes she is standing with her black friend around the kitchen island and the commercial is about how to track your fertile days to increase your chances of baby making (analysing this requires and deserves its own rant altogether) 
Ok, truth be told all the commercials I get bombarded with on YouTube/ Facebook/ aren’t all about pre preggo time, I also get commercials and recommended articles/blogs for healthy living whilst pregnant, creams for stretch marks, vitamins, pregnancy yoga ( God forbid you don’t get in shape the day after the baby pops out) and then my favourite, the post preggo ones. The diaper commercials, baby things, training suggestions so complicated and terrifying that I’m guessing you’d have to recently gone thru the pain of childbirth to even consider them, but I mean it’s been a week and you still can’t fit into your pre preggo skinny jeans so what choise do you have?
I’m a creative, chritical thinking single woman with an eternal Peter Pan syndrome and no steady job pushing thirty. I see myself having kids, but I know it’s not in the cards for me right now, and I’m sort of fine with it. I’m obviously not totally fine with it, or I wouldn’t be so bothered by the internets not so subtle attempts to get me pregnant, and to it over and over again showing and reminding me where I should be in life, but I get to be satirical because I can look past it, joke about it and not let it affect me.  But I’m not every woman. And every childless woman hasn’t not got kids just because Prince Charming didn’t magically appear in her mid twenties, many women have a hard time getting pregnant, and it has very little to do with their age. These women, I’m guessing, might not be able to disregard all this baby propaganda ( yes, that’s what I’m calling it now!) and I don’t think it sits very well with them. And also ( again guessing) women who decide that kids are not for them, it must feel really great to be reminded that you’re not the norm, and that you’d have a perfect life with the perfect husband in your awesomely lit up and clean house (ironically only sustainable without messy toddlers and paycuts due to materny leave and increased expenses like diapers, strollers etc) if only you’d procreate.
It’s 2015, feminism is a word debated everywhere (in the western world at least), the word feminazi appears all over the Internet every time somebody try to voice that the world is not equal to men and women even in countrys where they’re supposed to be, reasoning that we are to sensitive, and why can’t we just ignore the commercials? Like men do? My guess is that men pushing thirty don’t get bombarded with baby propaganda, nor do they feel that the tabloid headlines declaring how bikini season prep is upon us or what you have to do to get a kardashian ass. I’m also guessing that their colleagues don’t ask the about how they will juggle family life with work. 
Equality for cis men and women in some parts of the world has become increasingly closer to equal, but we’re  still not there, and no bad mouthing, threats, vile suggestions or straight up chauvinism will make me stop commenting, analysing and trying to change it.

Monday late night procrastinating 

Currently my status quo is a bit of creative limbo. The things I used to love doing now bore me and since my house is undergoing some sort of “extreme” transformation  my sewing machines are in boxes and I don’t have a good work table to do pattern construction. But last night I got the brilliant idea to add more things to my already humongous pile of work material and I went out and treated myself to some polymer clay. Best idea I’ve had since like forever. It totally unlocked my creative block! Can really recomend it!